AO: The Pound

When: 08/29/2020


Number of Pax: 24

Pax Names: Cookie, Drone, Frenchy, General, Inspector, Stroke Seat, T. Boone, Wham-O,

Number of FNGS: 16

FNG Names: Chops, Downward Dog, Tarheel, Digits, Float, Bam Bam, Pennybags, Folgers, Common Core, Sassafras, Sgt. Tickler, LAX, Tater, Natty, Con Air, Princess

QIC: Cookie & Drone

The BackBlast:


Note: For the newly minted pax, definitions for all the unusual terms below can be found in the F3 Nation Lexicon and Exicon.

After months of preparation and an inauspicious weather forecast, launch day dawned with scattered clouds and high hopes from the Classic City pax for our official launch as a region.  YHC planned to wake up at 0530, but his body pulled rank and decided a 0457 wake-up call was more appropriate.

At 0630 sharp, YHC, Stroke Seat and F3 Alpha’s own N’antan Cookie rolled up to the UGA IM fields parking deck and started scouting out the AO.  We had expected 15 pax and dared hope for 20, but as 0700 approached it became clear we were going to have a crowd on our hands in the best possible way.


Cookie gave the disclaimer, introduced visiting pax and his co-Q (YHC), explained social distancing protocols, and set basic expectations.

We took a quick mosey around the AO, then circled up on the field for the inaugural Circle of Pain.

COP (all in cadence):

  • 10 x Merkins – explained 4-count cadence
  • 20 x Imperial Walkers
  • 15 x Squats
  • 10 x Weed Pickers
  • 10 x Little Arm Circles Forward (repeato backward)
  • 10 x Big Arm Circles Forward (repeato backward)
  • 20 x Flutter Kicks
  • 20 x Mountain Climbers
  • 10 x Merkins

The Thang:

Mosey to field sideline for Ark Loader:

  • Bear Crawl 40 yards out
  • Crab Walk 40 yards back
  • Rinse and repeat, plank for the 6

Count off into 1’s and 2’s.  1’s stayed with Cookie on the field for AMRAPs, 2’s moseyed to the lakeside pavilion for bench work.

Bench Work (Drone – IC first, then OYO):

  • 10 x Step-ups (drive knee to chest)
  • 10 x Incline Merkins
  • 10 x Dips
  • 10 x Step-ups 
  • 10 x Decline Merkins
  • 10 x Dips – 10 (4ct)
  • Rinse and repeat

Mosey to Sidewalk — find a line:

  • Ski hops side to side – 30 seconds
  • 10 x Little Baby Crunches
  • Ski hops front and back – 30 seconds
  • 10 x LBC

Field Work (Cookie) – Cones placed at 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards

5 minute AMRAP Circuit 1: Arms & Legs

  • 1st cone – 5 burpees
  • 2nd cone – 10 Merkins
  • 3rd cone – 15 Squats
  • 4th cone – 20 Lunges

5 minute AMRAP Circuit 2: Abs

  • 1st cone – 5 Big Boy Situps
  • 2nd cone – 10 Flutter Kicks
  • 3rd cone – 15 Freddie Mercury
  • 4th cone – 20 LBC

After 10 minutes, groups 1 & 2 flap jack and repeat circuits.

Groups merged and moseyed to a large oak tree on another field where the Classic City Shovel Flag was planted.  Cookie and YHC tag teamed the regional flag presentation and explained that F3 is not for spectators – each pax will be expected to take ownership and lead at some point.

Mosey back to field.  FNG Leo, a 5-year Army veteran, carried the shovel flag.

COP – Dealer’s Choice (popcorn style):

  • 20 x Russian Twist (YHC)
  • 21 x Side Straddle Hop (IC) – Cookie threw a twist and stopped counting after 5.  If everyone didn’t halt together, we would do a 3 burpee penalty.  We did a 3 burpee penalty.
  • 10 x Freddie Mercury (FNG Ben)
  • 20 x Mountain Climbers (Inspector)
  • 10 x Squats
  • 20 x Flutter Kicks (FNG Ryan)
  • Couple other exercises YHC can’t recall

COT/Naked Moleskin:

We ended by explaining the Circle of Trust and allowing the Q to share a thought, challenge, or expression of his faith.  We did count-o-rama, name-o-rama, and YHC closed us out in a prayer.

With 16 FNGs, Name-o-rama was a rapid fire exercise in crowdsourcing ideas.  Hopefully no one was too offended by their nicknames, but honestly from what YHC has seen in the past, we were pretty kind.

Inspector from F3 Greenwood gave a 30-second pitch for the 2020 Iron Pax Challenge, which is starting its third year of inflicting pain on thousands of F3 Nation pax.

Stroke Seat left during the workout to pick up chicken biscuits and coffee, so coffeeteria was free and on site.  Most of the pax hung out for at least 20-30 minutes, and YHC heard talk of a handful of pax already discussing mid-week workouts and coming out for the beginning of Iron Pax Challenge on Thursday.

Overall the launch was a huge success that exceeded our expectations, and we’ve got some great momentum going into week 2 and beyond.  Look out F3 Nation, the Classic City is on the map!


  • Launch Week 2 – same time, same place
  • Unofficial Iron Pax Challenge workouts (see pre-blast here) beginning this Thursday 0530 at the IM parking deck