AO: The Pound

When: 09/20/2020


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Chicharrone, Common Core, Con Air, Drone, Earthmover, Flo, LAX, Princess, Sgt. Tickler, Stroke Seat, Tarheel,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Wall-E, Shirley

QIC: Drone

The BackBlast:

Conditions: Overcast, mid-60s, and most importantly, better than Florida
10 of the usual suspects, 1 downrange pax, and 2 FNGs took the field on this post-hurricane fall morning for a leg-heavy tour of The Pound.
  • 25 x Don Quixote
  • 25 x Merkins
  • 25 x LBAC
  • Merkin Rolls – Q calls out left/right
  • 25 x Ballerinas (toe squats)
  • Drill Instructor – Q calls out on your feet/face/6, down/up for Merkins and situps, feet chop
    • YHC chose several pax to call out the position changes.  We learned that some pax haven’t practiced their outside voices in a while and that others just enjoy causing pain, which will make for some interesting future Q’s.
Mosey to the *&%$%# hill below Lake Herrick
Ascend the hill
The pax are mulling over an appropriate name for this interminably long grassy incline.  Ideas ranged from deceptively pleasant-sounding to downright nasty.  YHC thinks a name will emerge naturally once we suffer on it a few more times.
  • Bear crawl up, 5 burpees, crawl bear down, 10 Merkins (repeato x 5)
  • Sprint up, backwards lunges down (repeato x 3)
This one generated plenty of mumblechatter.  The pax weren’t quite sure whether to complain more about the hill or the Q.
Mosey to pavilion
Aiken Legs: (no rest in between)
  • 20 Squats
  • 20 Table jumps
  • 20 Lunges
  • 20 Split Jacks (10 each leg forward)
Rinse and repeat
Mosey back to field
Rinse and repeat and repeat and…
3 exercises for 30 seconds each, no rest until Q calls time
  1. Bear Squats – Carolina drydock position, bend knees until you touch heels
  2. Mountain climbers
  3. Smurf Jacks

With a few minutes to spare, YHC called on four future Q’s from the pax to lead an exercise and practice counting in cadence.  I vividly recall my first time being called on to lead an exercise and realizing the whole cadence thing was harder than it sounded.

Naked Moleskin

This was YHC’s first solo Q since the launch, and I took the opportunity to challenge the pax to step up and lead as we approach the end of the 6 launch weeks.  This is not my group or Stroke Seat’s group, we just started the ball rolling.  It will be on the 10-12 pax who have showed up every week so far to keep that momentum and to own the direction and culture of F3 Classic City, and I’m excited to see it happen.
We definitely have all the ingredients for success – the 2nd F is gaining traction via Saturday coffeeteria, there is discussion of finding 3rd F service opportunities in town and a CSAUP event to train for, and we’re launching a Tuesday AO in Watkinsville this week.  The AthPax are on the move.
  • Tuesday AO launch – 0530 Veterans Park in Watkinsville, meet at the memorial out front
  • Next Saturday – Inspector and the Greenwood pax are coming down to give us a post-Iron Pax beatdown

It was a pleasure to lead today.  Drone out.